Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Travelling is a fulfilling experience.....

.....especially when we've realize how far we've gone from the starting point. 

Up till 17 the only places I've ever been outside the country was to our neighbor's, Singapore. Now at 23 I've been to so many more places and it is all thanks to my lovely parents whom has funded me throughout all my trips. Of course I do chip in wherever possible. 

The last 5 days I was so blessed to have spent it in Krabi, Thailand, with my special someone. Upon arriving at Krabi I must say I was slightly disappointed. The town was so small that on the first day itself we managed to cover so much ground that it left me wondering what could I possibly do there for the next 4 days. 

But that totally changed as the days passed by, I began to love the slow paced life we had in Krabi. We didn't find ourselves waking up and rushing off to breakfast, then rushing of to do tons of activities just so we could make our trip worth while. It was all about taking slow walks on the beach, around town, hearing the waves crashing on the beach and even shopping was done is such a relaxing manner. 

Aownang by day is quite unsightly but by night it is a lovely place to be. As we were there early November, beginning of the peak period, the crowd there was just right. 

I'll post more details of my trip later but for now I leave you guys with some photos from my trip.  

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