Saturday, October 26, 2013

Love them, Hate them

It just dawned on me last night that I have siblings with extremely weird sleeping habits.

My younger sister would doze of anywhere and everywhere in the house. Recently she has found a spot on the new bean bag we have at home. She would rather sleep the whole night there than to walk a few more steps into the room and sleep lying down. 

My brother on the other hand sleeps with white noise playing in the background. The sound it plays is the sound of rain and occasionally the sound of thunder would roll as well. The thing I found the weirdest was that his phone flashes occasionally the whole night just like lightning. 

How weird is that?

And one thing the both of them have in common is that they set alarms in order to wake someone else up which then would wake them up. How irritating. 

It used to bother me so much but now I've learned to sleep through the alarms and therefore leads me to be a less grumpy person in the morning. 

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