Thursday, February 20, 2014

First of 2014

We are almost in to our 3rd month of the year and I've not had the chance to post an update. I can't say this enough but time really does fly. I realize the older I get the faster time flies. Of course there are many moments in life it didn't always feel that way but every time I look back I just see how things fall into place, how little ones are no longer that little, how unhappiness has changed into happiness, so on so forth.  

As for me, I've joined the working force and now contributing to a field I never thought I would ever be in. Although I've not worked long enough to know what I dislike about the industry but I must say right now things have worked out pretty well for me. And I can never thank my Father in Heaven enough for all these blessings. 

Aside from that, I thoroughly enjoyed Chinese New Year this year! Aren't like the majority of  the chinese population, CNY has never been my favourite  time of the year. I don't like travelling back to Penang, I never enjoyed eating CNY tid bits and because my birthday usually coincides with it, CNY was never a time I enjoyed myself. This year on the other hand, I really enjoyed all 15 days of it! I shall leave you guys with a few pictures from my eventful CNY and then call it a night. :) 


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