Friday, November 22, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore

Early last month I spent almost 2 weeks in Singapore, first with my relatives and then later on with my cousin, her friend and my special someone. I was flown down to Singapore to accompany my tuition students which also happens to be my little cousins through their entrance exam. In a way it was my little getaway and I thought to myself why not extend my stay instead. So I did and the highlight of this trip down south was definitely my visit to Universal Studios Singapore, USS.

On the day of our visit to USS, we woke up to the sky rumbling and rain pouring! Quickly I said a short prayer and soon enough the rained eased up and we left for Sentosa. Seeing that it rained we were hoping that there wouldn't be many people, we were absolutely WRONG! We had to squeeze and tug with the thousands of people making their way to Sentosa on the very same day. 

Anyways after a good 45 mins of train rides we finally arrived and it was no less than FUN FUN FUN!!! There were slight pours throughout the day but nothing unbearable. All in all we had a lovely day there.

These are a few tips for those who might be heading there soon :
1. Bring a raincoat, the super cheap kind will do. They do sell it there but it is retailing for 3SGD for what we could get for probably RM2 in Malaysia. If you are more on the adventurous type then just get wet, it's pretty fun!

2. Bring some water and snacks, USS isn't like Disneyland where food and drinks are not allowed. Bringing these things is not so much about saving some bucks but it does come in handy when you get hungry while stuck in a long queue.

3. As you enter USS, you would arrive on Hollywood street, at the end of the street the road fogs, it is advisable to take the left side instead of going with the right. This is why, most people would definitely turn right as it seems only natural to do that, therefore going in the opposite direction should enable you to move with a small crowd. This tip was given to me by a USS worker.

4. We were told also by the workers that for every ride if you went back around 3pm the queue would have subsided. My brother also was able to stand by those words but for us we didn't manage to enjoy such privileges. Anyhow it might just work for you guys.

5. As soon as you enter ask the workers around for a timetable of when all the mascots would come out for a photo session. I was so upset we missed all of them and was later told they had a schedule printed out for reference.

These are the top 5 tips we wished we knew before hand and below some photos of my visit there!

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