Thursday, September 12, 2013

Heart strings

Just last Friday my friends and I were reminiscing about who we use to like in high school. While I am able to remember a few memories with the people I used to love, I really couldn't pin point many memories. I just knew that I was happy being with them. As for my friends, they definitely remembered more about my exs than I did. It was nice just hearing my story from their eyes.

One even knew how frequent my ex and I wrote love letters. HAHAHAHA.

After hearing all the stories about me that I've somehow let myself forget, I went home and dug in the pile of stuff I kept from every relationship, be it friend or boyfriend. And I found what we once called LOVE letters. As I read through them, I giggled with happiness just knowing that at one point of time I was some one's everything and at the innocence we all had once.

I mean how can there be so many "I love yous" in a letter? hahaha. Love was much easier back then not because we were not serious about each other but because there were so many other factors we haven't realize mattered in a relationship.

At this age, love seems to be much more than I love yous, we start thinking about whether the other is a suitable partner, will he be able to put my needs first, protect me, push me to greater levels, support me, provide for me, etc etc and sometime when my pessimist side surfaces, I do question whether some day I might just end up alone.

Now I'm just glad I'm more of an optimist than a pessimist! *Phewwww*

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